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August 22, 2010 / Melissa

Farcical Friday!

I’ve decided to dedicate each Friday’s post to the humor of life.  Without the ability to laugh at ourselves (and let’s just admit it, we LOVE laughing at others too whether it be on the bus or in the movies or viewing People of Walmart), life is too serious to have any fun.  And we all need fun.

Ready….roll call.

1) On Wednesday I spent 30 minutes explaining to the tutoring coordinator at a community where I was taking classes why I didn’t have a professor to give me a recommendation for the psych courses I wanted to tutor.  Simply, I already have a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, so I didn’t take ANY of my psych courses from your fine college.  This didn’t register.  The best part is, I am willing to tutor students at minimum wage, when I’m qualified to teach at a community college.  I mean…you would think that one would jump at that chance in the age of budget crises in schools and rising admissions and declining student ability to have someone willing to do that.

2)  Law students at the same school VP Biden graduated from are required to buy a “Writing for Law” citation manual.  This is coupled with a video message from the VP himself.

3)  While sitting in the library the other day, a nice girl was interviewing to volunteer in the library.  The clerk asked her if she’d ever volunteered in a library – no.  Then was asked if she’d ever used the Dewey Decimal system – no.  Then was asked if she knew the difference between fiction and non-fiction  – no.  And then was given volunteer hours.  Now, this could clearly be a good learning experience for her, but the conversation was just funny, yet sad for the future of our youth.

4) In an interview for a part-time gig, I was asked if my counseling degree was an Associate degree.  Nope, Master’s as indicated on my résumé.  Then was asked if I had ever sat with a client before.  Umm…yep, that’s what my supervised clinical internships did for me.  And was then told this “type of position” was great to gain more experience and get my foot in the door to work at more advanced jobs like writing a treatment plan.  I’m pretty sure the woman didn’t look at my résumé.  Thank goodness I only sent my 2 pager as opposed to my full vita.  I don’t think I’ll be getting that job.

5) I “dropped out” of community college.  After a summer of being told I needed to take placement tests, English 103, and that none of my previous courses would be transferred to said community college, there really does reach a point and you think to yourself: “why.” And then you just get mad at both bureaucracy and moronic tendencies of higher education.  And then you laugh, because it just doesn’t make sense.


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  1. Tigerlady / Aug 23 2010 9:02 AM

    My pet peeve about the community college is that the 5 accounting courses I want to take are offered in different semesters, not beneficial to me at my age! The courses seem to be offered for people who are pursuing associate’s degrees. It may be time for the community colleges to rework their schedules as more and more displaced workers are heading there to enhance their skills.

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