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September 5, 2010 / Melissa

Farcical Friday, III

Here are my week’s funnies!

1. A freshman’s mom videotaping her walk to her first class.  I’m not making this up.  I thought that only existed on the first day of kindergarten.

2.  A student yelling and whining at me because I told her she couldn’t return her textbooks without a receipt.  She had to walk “all the way from Ernie Davis hall” and it was “sooooo hot and now you can’t return this book for me?”  Sorry, honey, you’re no longer living in Beverly Hills.  What I really wanted to say to you instead of “have a lovely day” were the famous lines from the classic movie Clueless “As if.”

3.  Bus tickets to various cities the first weekend back to school.  Apparently everyone was sick of Syracuse already.  Don’t worry, sometimes I am too.

4.  Best quote ever:

(me) here’s my new address.  [gives address]
(thing 1) oh. that sounds different from the other one.
(me) yeah, it’s a NEW address. it should.

5.  I observed a first date between a psychologist and a businessman.  If this isn’t funny enough already to my psychology friends, I then placed myself in the female psychologists’ shoes and saw myself in 20 years as a single cat lady who meets people off eharmony.  Meeting people off internet dating because the only people I’d have to meet in my weekly date book would be my clients, and obviously not okay to date, even if it were 7 years after I ceased treatment with them.  Creepy!


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