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September 5, 2010 / Melissa

Sentimental Sundays, II

My awww moments for the week.  

1. My best friends.  Hands down.  A shout out to all of them, because my 23 friends on FB are totally awesome, as they are true friends, not just “virtual vampires” like those who spend their hours lurking around trying to dig up gossip.

2.  Delilah.  Yep.  The radio show.  Sappy, I know, but Friday nigh girls night made me realize (again) how grateful I am for all my girlfriends (and guy friends too!).  So, here’s a dedication to you all, in conjunction with their appearance at the Great New York State Fair:

My Wish

3.  Adorable families enjoying the Fair together.  And the bond of 4-H-ers.  I have never participated, as I am definitely a city girl, but some kids out there are doing some amazing things for our country.  Check out Operation Coupon Clippers to help our military families save money – they even accept your expired coupons!  So pass them along to help out some deserving families.  A group of 4-H kids collected over $1500 in coupons in a month.


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